Beautiful China - It’s all about the people

China may well be the world’s second biggest economy but whichever measuring stick you use, it has yet to fully emerge.

Something Global Dialogue 2014 delegates will see first hand in May next year when they have an in-depth look at the country from a number of different perspectives.

President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang are presiding over a gently improving economy and can now afford to focus on medium-term reform which would include continued urbanisation and the potential for allowing private investment in government businesses.

Fidelity’s Investment Director, Asia ex-Japan, equities, Catherine Yeung

, said that China’s focus on the people, the “software” typifies the nature of reform and the future.

Here she she says that China continues to be a very real indicator of Asia’s structural growth, a growth that is very much intact.

The outcome of this month’s meeting of the party’s most senior members - The Third Plenum - will set the economic tone and the depth, breadth and pace of the ongoing economic reform.