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11 Nov 2013:
Beautiful China - It’s all about the people


Word from the street... Main Street that is, not Wall Street. What does the average punter think? What's the public mood? Find out here.

23 Oct 2013:
Global Dialogue China – Brain Food & Shoe Leather

Breakfast & Lunch Talks

Selected talks and speeches of interest from invited guests at AIST-organised luncheons and breakfasts. Watch here.

15 Mar 2012:
World Bank China 2030 Report - It’s a Multi-Polar World


Special section featuring news, opinion and updates from around Asia, particularly Hong Kong and China. Watch Now.

13 Apr 2013:
CrossBorder April - Retirement Savings : A Global Dialogue


Selected plenaries and sessions from past AIST conferences, including CMSF and ASI.
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Learning & Development

Not everyone can make every session at every conference so AIST, in partnership with the FTV-ICE multiple-choice modules, makes selected sessions and events available on line for CPD hours.

18 Sep 2012: